Monday, November 28, 2005

BWD Radio - 007 - The Hip Hop Show

It’s the hip hop show bringing you songs from some of Franklin’s favorite releases this year. This show took all day to put up because our host was being a douchebag.

Songs Played
Edan - Torture Chamber
Giant Panda - Racist
Cage - Lord Have Mercy
Little Brother - Hiding Place

Things Mentioned
Franklin socializes
Todd’s Birthday Bowling Bash
Walk The Line
Lisa reviews Madonna’s new cd
The Real World finale
David Cross rant on Arrested Development
Priests must go 3 years “gay free”
Make a (death) wish!
Woman mauled to death by dogs
South Carolina cemetery offers annual holiday deal
PK and J’s RIAA song
Mischa Barton’s Nipplegate (video)

Running Time: 47:35 / File Size: 32.6 MB

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