Sunday, October 30, 2005

BWD Radio - 005 - Jamaica Me Crazy

Lisa and Franklin are back once again after a month since the last show discussing murders, porn, and the blame game. Also Lisa talks about everything that happened in Jamaica, from the troubles getting there to the nice locals leaving pot on her pillow.

Songs Played
Metric - Monster Hospital
Holopaw - Losing Light
Fear Before The March Of Flames - 237
Forget Cassettes - Ms. Rhythm And Blues

Things Mentioned
Taylor Behl
Franklin’s problem with ugly guys in pornos
American Psycho

Running Time: 31:31 / File Size: 21.6 MB

Thursday, October 6, 2005

BWD Radio - 004 - High Times

It’s been so long! Finally after a month off, we’re back. Many things have happened since last time so this is a long one.

Songs Played
Voxtrot - Raised By Wolves
Denali - Normal Days
Aloha - You’ve Escaped
These Arms Are Snakes - Payday Loans
DangerDoom - The Mask
Aggro1 - Since U Been Hard To Find (Kelly Clarkson VS AAS)

Things Mentioned
Update on Lisa’s arm and everything else that’s happened since the last show
Misunderstood Pit Bull Rescue
Inside Deep Throat
Suicide Girls: The First Tour DVD
Hairy arms
Burning Angel
The 40 Year Old Virgin
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Name All The Animals: A Memoir
Lisa’s sister is getting married
Hurricane Katrina best quote by Barbara Bush

Running Time: 56:58 / File Size: 39.1 MB