Monday, November 28, 2005

BWD Radio - 007 - The Hip Hop Show

It’s the hip hop show bringing you songs from some of Franklin’s favorite releases this year. This show took all day to put up because our host was being a douchebag.

Songs Played
Edan - Torture Chamber
Giant Panda - Racist
Cage - Lord Have Mercy
Little Brother - Hiding Place

Things Mentioned
Franklin socializes
Todd’s Birthday Bowling Bash
Walk The Line
Lisa reviews Madonna’s new cd
The Real World finale
David Cross rant on Arrested Development
Priests must go 3 years “gay free”
Make a (death) wish!
Woman mauled to death by dogs
South Carolina cemetery offers annual holiday deal
PK and J’s RIAA song
Mischa Barton’s Nipplegate (video)

Running Time: 47:35 / File Size: 32.6 MB

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

BWD Radio - 006 - God Warrior

The giggling continues as Franklin and Lisa try out a new segment, talk about their wonderful weekend getaway, and promise to get their shit together.

Songs Played
Head Wound City - New Soak For Our Empty Pocket
The City On Film - How A Helicopter Sounds
Ed Gein - Christianity As A Foreign Policy
Goes Cube - Slagkicks (Ungodly Remix)

Things Mentioned
Franklin’s birthday celebration extravangaza
The Weather Man
37 year old woman marries 15 year old boy
18 year old kills girlfriend’s parents
18 year old becomes mayor
Trading Spouses' god warrior (video / ebay)

Running Time: 33:23 / File Size: 22.9 MB

Sunday, October 30, 2005

BWD Radio - 005 - Jamaica Me Crazy

Lisa and Franklin are back once again after a month since the last show discussing murders, porn, and the blame game. Also Lisa talks about everything that happened in Jamaica, from the troubles getting there to the nice locals leaving pot on her pillow.

Songs Played
Metric - Monster Hospital
Holopaw - Losing Light
Fear Before The March Of Flames - 237
Forget Cassettes - Ms. Rhythm And Blues

Things Mentioned
Taylor Behl
Franklin’s problem with ugly guys in pornos
American Psycho

Running Time: 31:31 / File Size: 21.6 MB

Thursday, October 6, 2005

BWD Radio - 004 - High Times

It’s been so long! Finally after a month off, we’re back. Many things have happened since last time so this is a long one.

Songs Played
Voxtrot - Raised By Wolves
Denali - Normal Days
Aloha - You’ve Escaped
These Arms Are Snakes - Payday Loans
DangerDoom - The Mask
Aggro1 - Since U Been Hard To Find (Kelly Clarkson VS AAS)

Things Mentioned
Update on Lisa’s arm and everything else that’s happened since the last show
Misunderstood Pit Bull Rescue
Inside Deep Throat
Suicide Girls: The First Tour DVD
Hairy arms
Burning Angel
The 40 Year Old Virgin
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Name All The Animals: A Memoir
Lisa’s sister is getting married
Hurricane Katrina best quote by Barbara Bush

Running Time: 56:58 / File Size: 39.1 MB

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

BWD Radio - 003 - Late Night Solo Show

Franklin makes a podcast just to get some reviews out of the way.

Songs Played
Set It Straight - For You, For Me
The Fall Of Troy - We Better Learn To Hotwire A Uterus
Every Time I Die - Gloom And How It Gets That Way
The Bled - I Don’t Keep With Liars Anymore
Nightmare Of You - My Name Is Trouble

Things Mentioned
Where we’ve been
Insurance company interview
The Secret Lives of Dentists

Running Time: 30:24 / File Size: 20.8 MB

Monday, August 22, 2005

BWD Radio - 002 - Third Time's The Charm

In the first of many solo episodes, Franklin babbles on and on while his cockatiel squeals in the background. Hopefully Lisa will be back for the next one so people will keep listening.

Songs Played
Greenhouse Effect - E-Thugs
Destroyer Destroyer - I’m Tired Of Making You Listen, And You Listen Well
Ateriavia - This Sierra Classic is of a Prestigious Fleet
Gravy Train!!!! - Titties Bounce

Things Mentioned
Lisa’s Not Here
Henrico County iBook
How God Hates Franklin At The Moment
Louis C.K.

Running Time: 31:55 / File Size: 21.9 MB

Sunday, August 14, 2005

BWD Radio - 001 - Like Like Like

In the first ever Bravo! Well Done! Show, Lisa and Franklin discuss a movie they saw not thirty minutes before the show was recorded, say “like” a whole lot, and try to get through the show without too many fuck ups.

Songs Played
Scarlet - Revolver
Millencolin - No Cigar
Pit Er Pat - Underwater Wave Game
Har Mar Superstar w/ Karen O. - Cut Me Up
Genghis Tron - Arms
Of Montreal - Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl

Things Mentioned
The Skeleton Key
Canceled Flight: 101 Tried and True Pigeon Killin’ Methods
Pubic Shave.Com
The Corporation

Running Time: 28:35 / File Size: 19.6 MB